Senior Software Engineer (all genders)

Nala Earth

Nala Earth

Software Engineering
Berlin, Germany · Barcelona, Spain
Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Your Role
Are you passionate about sustainability and the natural world? Do you want to help make a difference in the way businesses interact with the environment? We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our mission-driven team in Berlin/Germany or Barcelona/Spain and play a pivotal role in the development of our innovative platform that helps make nature the #1 stakeholder for businesses.
Your mission

As a Senior Software Engineer at Nala Earth, you will be at the forefront of our efforts to build a comprehensive geospatial data platform. Your contributions will drive the fusion of vast datasets into a unified, robust foundation that serves as the backbone for how businesses understand and improve their impact on nature.

While we value technical expertise, it’s less important that you tick a certain number of boxes on a list of pre-defined technologies; rather your passion for sustainability and collaboration is paramount. You are driven by a mission to protect our planet and seek to work with like-minded individuals toward this common goal.

With that in mind, our ideal candidate is someone who has full stack development experience and is willing to lead initiatives on the frontend; who is also keen to expand their backend and cloud infrastructure capabilities.

Daily, you may find yourself designing, developing, and maintaining critical aspects of our platform across the full software stack. From infrastructure, to frontend interfaces, or databases to internal scientific tooling. Building efficient ETL pipelines, handling large-scale data processing and integrations. Enhancing our cloud-based infrastructure and implementing best practices in DevOps and automation. Collaborating with our product and commercial teams to craft new features or generate insights.

In joining an early stage startup, you have the opportunity to identify where your current skillset can best be used, and which skills you would like to pick up on the job - we are eager to provide the space for everyone’s improvement and hope your skills can be passed on to us in kind. Your role will extend beyond just coding; you will have a significant stake in the direction and vision of our product suite, contributing to strategic decisions that shape the future of our platform.

Your profile
Working with geospatial data and meeting our product requirements has led us to select a unique software stack that is hopefully exciting to you! If you have experience with, exposure to, or a plan to learn the following key components: we’re interested in having a chat to learn more.

On the frontend, we use Sveltekit and Typescript, leveraging D3 and MapLibre for dynamic data visualisation. Our Rust-based backend utilises Axum and the georust ecosystem, interfacing with a Postgres database. We wrangle geospatial datasets using Python tools such as Rasterio and Xarray for raster data, and GeoPandas, Polars, and Shapely for vectors. Our cloud infrastructure runs on AWS, managed with Terraform.
Why us?
  • Team. You join a driven team who deeply cares about nature and people.
  • Recreation. Take advantage of your 26 days' holiday per year, regardless of location or local holidays. Plus: We give you an extra day off on your birthday!
  • Flexibility. With our remote-first work culture, you can organize your life the way it suits you. Work on-site in our offices in Berlin or Zurich and from home - whatever suits you and your team.
  • Team Weeks. We regularly meet in Berlin to discuss strategic topics and foster our growth as a team. We believe these gatherings are essential for nurturing an outstanding remote-first culture.
  • Workation. Work up to 90 days per year remotely in other European countries.
  • Equipment. We give you a fixed budget to equip your workspace at home.
  • Learning. We create an environment that facilitates learning - expect a long-term development perspective in a growing organization.
  • Retail Discounts. Get attractive discounts from sustainable brands through our partner platform.
  • Fun. We like to celebrate our successes, preferably with the whole team. Therefore, you can look forward to various events and parties.
About us

We are a young company, started by experienced founders and climate tech enthusiasts. After having worked on reducing carbon emissions over the past years, we believe it is about time to shift our focus to the next major challenge for humanity: Nature and Biodiversity.
Businesses are holding a major key to reduce their impact on Nature and restore this most amazing and complex net of life.
But you can only manage, what you measure. Therefore we made it our mission to make businesses impact on nature measurable and manageable. We provide insights about the ecological footprint like the exposure to water stress, deforestation and areas of high biodiversity importance among others and let them take the first step to reduce their impact on nature.

Join our mission and become a Force of Nature!