Japanese Ecologists, Naturalists, and Taxonomic experts

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Pivotal Future

Posted on Saturday, June 22, 2024

Japanese Ecologists, Naturalists, and Taxonomic Experts

Can you identify birds, bats or frogs found in Japan from acoustic data?

Or can you identify plants, mammals and insects found in Japan from high-resolution images?

Do you enjoy sharing your expertise and improving the way the world measures biodiversity?

About the role:

We are a biodiversity data and analytics company currently doing an extensive survey in Japan which will help track change over time in a large forest area. We are looking for experts who can help us identify various species groups from acoustic and image data.

We currently work with over 100 leading ecology experts around the world, and are looking to continue adding to our global network of experts to support our mission of protecting and restoring biodiversity.

This is a paid role that you can do online, from anywhere, at any time. The role involves adding species labels to the audio or image files to name the species present. Your expertise will help us protect nature by providing robust evidence.

Together, we will build the most detailed set of annotated, species-level biodiversity data ever compiled.

Role responsibilities:

  • Identification of species (birds, bats, plants, mammals, insects or frogs) through high-resolution images or acoustic data shared online
  • Help design biodiversity surveys for Japanese habitats
  • Helping train machine learning species by annotating imaging and acoustic data
  • Providing feedback on data collection methods in order to improve automated identification using machine learning

How does it work?

  • Fill out the application form here (should only take you less than 5 minutes).
  • We will invite you to do a short trial exercise to demonstrate your expertise.
  • We will agree an hourly rate of pay that best suits your needs and experience.
  • You are now ready to start working on projects!

About Pivotal:

We are a team of ecologists and technologists who believe good business must be good for nature. Our mission is to provide the data people and companies need to invest in positive outcomes for nature.

We capture biodiversity data on the ground using a range of technologies. All the data we collect is organised and analysed first with machine learning, then quality-checked by ecosystem experts to provide measured, quality-controlled analytics to show evidence of changes in nature and biodiversity on the ground.

The data we provide can be used for regulatory disclosures and to guide actions, but we can also link evidence to a variety of financial mechanisms – such as sustainability-linked bonds and biodiversity credits – enabling money to flow to those projects and activities that create the most positive change.

Please feel free to email us directly with any questions: annotator-support@pivotal.earth.